A session with a professional Stylist can provide you with many things - if you're short on time it can provide you with an extra pair of hands to choose your outfits for you; if you're short on funds it can help you make your existing wardrobe work for you and work to a budget; if you hate shopping, it can help you to break down the process; and if you don't know what you should be wearing, it can give you some clarity. But most of all, these things give you some form of transformation - boosting your confidence with image coaching, developing your self-esteem through making positive choices and helping you to not just look great but feel great too! To book any sessions, online or in-person, click here - Any questions you can email me at this address hello@thelookloft.co.uk or why not pop over to facebook and join my private client group where I run group webinars and you have the opportunity to ask questions about style, fashion and image confidence.

A wardrobe edit is the perfect way to start your style journey! We'll look at your current wardrobe, edit it down into pieces that best reflect you and your lifestyle and decide what you can donate or recycle - this is the ultimate wardrobe detox! We will organise your wardrobe and leave you with a clear vision of what you might like to add to compliment your existing clothes.

Shop with confidence and purpose with this personalised experience. I will help you to choose items to compliment and refresh your wardrobe and achieve your visions and goals. I will curate your experience specifically for you, taking into account your lifestyle needs and budget requirements.