What does a Personal Stylist do (and do I really need one?)

Have you ever wondered what a Personal Stylist does and whether it's worth handing over your hard-earned cash to spend some time with one? Maybe you're bang on with your look, or maybe you just don't think it would help? Whatever the case, let me de-mystify the process for you!

A Personal Stylist is your best style friend and can come in really useful if you're lacking in a bit of confidence, have lost or put on weight and need to think about what to wear (this is particularly true during and after pregnancy when we all tend to get a bit stuck on what to wear that works and is practical), aren't sure what shapes and colours work, have loads in your wardrobe but always feel like you haven't got anything to wear, or need an update to your existing clothes and aren't sure where to start. In any of those cases a Personal Stylist can most probably help. And we're not talking about taking you shopping for hours and spending thousands of pounds (it's an option if that's what you want and need) but you can start with a more simple approach whether it's online or in-person.

You can start with small sessions based on your particular needs:

Wardrobe Edit:
Takes around an hour - online or in-person - with a questionnaire completed beforehand. Will give you advice on what to sell, donate, recycle, what to keep, and what you need to update your current wardrobe that will complement your existing items.

Wardrobe Styling:
This is a bit like 'dress up'. Taking all of your existing wardrobe, we look at what you have that will make complete outfits, what accessories you have to dress them up, and what you can swap around/mix and match plus you'll be given a guide as to what you might want to add to your wardrobe to add to these outfits and will get a 'lookbook' of the outfits put together so you remember what goes with what!

Personal Shopping:
If you love shopping this is for you. If you hate shopping this is for you. It's literally perfect in both of those situations. If you love to shop you go with your stylist and they will guide you around the best shops and outfits for your particular circumstance - maybe you want a capsule wardrobe for a new season or you're shopping for a big occasion. But if you hate shopping you let your stylist do the hard work for you, they find the outfits, put them together and bring them to you after talking through what it is you're looking for saving you all the time and hassle of doing something you don't enjoy! It's a win/win for everyone.

So if you've ever looked in your packed out wardrobe and thought to yourself 'I have nothing to wear', or looked in the mirror and thought 'I'm not sure if this suits me'; if you've ever walked around the shops for hours looking aimlessly at racks of clothes but don't know where to start or avoid the high street like the plague, then a Personal Stylist could be your new best friend!

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