Shop your wardrobe - What is it and how to do it (it's easier than you think).

Shopping your wardrobe - what exactly is it? Well, it's basically looking in your wardrobe to see what you already have to put a specific look together - so if you want to emulate a celeb look, or want to be on trend, but don't want to spend a fortune, dig into that wardrobe!

Remember that trends come and go across the years (and nearly always come back around again many times in some form or another) so key pieces are usually the way best way to achieve this.

Last week I told you all about the trends for this season - animal print, black with florals, check coats, bold colours. Now at least 3 of those never really go away - animal print is never really out of fashion (unless you're going for the Bet Lynch look), check coats have been fashionable every winter for as long as I can remember, and black floral pieces can be used any season - with boots and tights in winter and with heels and bright accessories in summer. Read more here

Keep in mind when trying to put any look together that you've seen on a celeb or a catwalk that emulating it is better than straight copying it - it's about finding the parts of that style you love and that work on you, not about dressing like someone you're not.

So, as an easy example, I took Cindy Crawford - before you all recoil in horror that she's a supermodel and she would look fabulous in a bin bag (that is true) it's not about trying to look like a supermodel, but taking something from her everyday style and making it work for the average person.

Cindy's look du jour is usually jeans, shirt or loose top, tan belt, ankle boots or flats (usually in winter she adds a biker jacket) - I'm not exaggerating when I say her look is actually very, very simple and pretty effortless - which is what we're all aiming for isn't it?

So here is Cindy in a variety of her usual outfits - tan accessories, basic jeans and shirt, adding small touches like a scarf to glam up the most basic look - and here is my version this morning - it had to work for the school run, for the shops, for having the toddler at home, for tidying the house, for working, basically all day - but I still wanted to look simply stylish. (*Images are not mine - credits below*)

cindy crawfordjpg

I chose a white vest under a denim shirt, slouch fit blue chinos rather than jeans (it's warm today so I didn't want jeans), a thin tan belt and my tan bag and put with my usual white (very worn) pumps that I've worn to death (they are very close to dropping to pieces but I can't part with them yet). If I was going anywhere smarter I'd button the shirt, tuck it in and add tan sandals.

denim and chinosjpg

What do you think - is there anyone who you love their style but don't know where to start? My other 'go to' style icon is SJP because I love a dress more than anything else so when dressing up I look to her for inspiration.

sjp dressjpg
She wears this style of dress a lot and they always have something quite striking about them, either the print or the material, but the shape is super flattering and pretty easy for anyone to do. Gold and Blue Midi dress available to buy here

Shoes are another really easy look to emulate - I love a heel, despite not getting to wear them as much as I used to - but these are my favourite pair of heels, in electric blue, and the others are a shoe from the SJP line - mine are from New Look several seasons ago but I get them out time after time if I want to make a statement with my shoes. (Wet look leggings available here).

sjp blue shoesjpg

And she has a myriad of Velvet blazers for every occasion! Get your version here

sjp velvet jacketjpg

Remember, dig deep into those wardrobes, I bet you have something hidden away that would look fab! And if you need help, my Personal Styling services could be the thing you're looking for - email me to book