How to edit your wardrobe

A wardrobe edit is basically a fancy, stylist way of saying having a de-clutter and getting rid of the stuff you just don't wear or need.

Most people believe that the more that's in their wardrobe, the more they have to wear but that's usually not true - think about what it's like going through your jam packed wardrobe every morning and ask yourself these things:

Can I see what I'm looking for?

Do I wear ALL the things in my wardrobe?

Do I tend to wear the same things over and over because I like them?

Do I feel like I don't have things that go together?

If you answered YES to any of those then it's time to get EDITING.

Here's how to do it in under an hour.

Make 3 piles

KEEP - Before you keep every single item in your wardrobe, ask yourself:

Do I wear it? (If you said yes, when was the last time you wore it? If it was years ago you might want to consider putting it in another pile unless it's a very specific piece like an evening gown)

Does it go with anything else that I already own? Often we're tempted to keep things because they 'might' work at some point, but if they're not working now and you haven't worn it in a while then you can probably stick it in one of the other piles.

Does it fit? This is a biggy - we've all got that longing to fit into a pair of jeans from 1998 but consider whether it's ever really going to happen - is keeping them motivation or pressure? If you have a couple of pieces that you have worn, but that need a slight alteration then put them on your 'FIX' pile but everything else should be SELL/DONATE/RECYCLE.


This should be decent quality stuff that you can't make use of any more but someone else could. If the thought of just getting rid of your hard earned stuff fills you with dread, then consider selling it on your local selling sites and saving the pennies towards any new key pieces you need to add to your wardrobe (you can read my next blog on Wardrobe Styling soon).

Asking family and friends can be a great way to get rid of stuff and know it's going to a good home, and you could also think about swapping with them - make your wardrobe edit a group thing and help each other out then swap the clothes with each other - you'll be getting new pieces, having fun and saving the planet!


You might find that you come across a handful of pieces that could be updated with new buttons, could be altered to get a piece tailored for you, or just need a quick repair - if that's the case and the piece still fits and you would use it, then it's worth thinking about paying for a repair/alteration but this pile shouldn't be huge - it's not an excuse to keep things that you don't want to put on the SELL/DONATE/RECYCLE pile!

Once you have your piles, it's time to start working on your wardrobe organisation so here are some tips!

Group your colours - it's so easy to see what you have when everything is colour coded - need a pink top, you go straight to your pink section!


Save space - If you have particular outfits that you wear together but don't have stacks of space, then consider hanging the entire outfit on one hanger. For example a skirt and vest that go well together can be hung this way, or a dress with a kimono, chinos and a denim shirt and white vest etc. It also means you have outfits ready to wear and can grab one hanger in the mornings and know that the outfit is already put together in a way that you can wear it.

Keep it seasonal - There's very little point in having your knitwear taking up hanging space in July so consider having 2 wardrobes or packing seasonal stuff away in suitcases - it's always a nice surprise when you open the cases at the start of a new season and you find the stuff you loved wearing last year!

Fold your basics - Jeans, white t-shirts, vests, day shorts can usually be folded and put on shelves so you can see what's there - if your shelves are wide enough you can put them in piles next to each other meaning you can see 'outfits' much like in your hanging section.


Et voila, you should now have a wardrobe you can be proud of, with a nice pile of stuff that someone else will love and a couple of pieces you can fix up and love once more!

And if that seems like too much hard work, then you can employ a stylist to help you out! Check out Fiona L Brown, London College of Fashion trained Personal Stylist.